Associate Terms & Conditions

Our Associate programme functions with stipulated rules and regulations

Become an Associate Agent

With the GH Wallstreet Associate programme you will immediately benefit from our advanced technology and expertise that helps our trading partners to maintain successful relationships with us.

Once you’re accepted as an Associate you’ll be able to access the tools and features within our specialized ‘HUB section’ enabling you to keep track of your clients’ trading history and therefore the commissions due to you.

As an Associate your mission is simple; to introduce clients to GH Wallstreet. Associate commission at GH Wallstreet is calculated as percentage of the spread or commission paid by the client when making transactions and is transferred to Associates on a monthly basis. All transactions made by your clients are taken into account for calculating the Associate commission.

What you get being Associate with us:

  • You will get commission for your client’s trade
  • Personal Associate account manager to support and assist your clients always.
  • To trade with the world’s best trading platform.
  • Marketing and Education support
  • Offer your clients superior Products and lots more.

Types of Accounts

GH Wallstreet is providing two types of accounts.

Direct Account

In direct accounts, clients are trading with GH Wallstreet Platform. Commission and Incentive of Associates/Introducing Broker who traded(Clients of Associates/IB) with GH Wallstreet Platform will be settled before 10th of every month.

Third Party Account

In these types of accounts, GH Wallstreet will introduce third party platforms to their clients. They can choose a platform from the third party. Commission and Incentive of Associates/Introducing Broker who traded (Clients of Associates/IB) with other Platform can be settled depends upon the third party platform company’s payment settlement time and policies. The exact date of payment may vary upon each service providers.

GH Wallstreet does not guarantee or hold the responsibility of Commission or Incentive for the Associates / Introducing Broker from any Third Party Service Providers or Trading platforms.

Any dispute regarding commission and Incentive must be settled directly with Third Party Service Providers who provide trading platform to your clients.

Freezing of Account

If any legal or other objections are raised with certain documentary support and evidences due to conflicts between the customer and the below parties (but not limited to),

1. Introducing Associate

2. Introducing Associate Company Management/Staff

3. Freelance Marketers

4. Any other individual holding such capacity to deal with the customers

The customer trading accounts will be freezed till the issues are resolved with a proof of resolution.

Account Disable

Your associate account will be disabled if there is no client introduction within 45 days from the day of registration.

Modification of Terms

We may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions, including our Privacy Policy, with or without notice.

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